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NY Consulate - Commonwealth of Dominica


This is a DAAS guest website to assist the Dominica New York Consulate, temporarily, to bring special prohrammes to our overseas Dominicans until the Consulate completes its official website. Our first project, now completed, was the celebration of Labour Day in New York, which was a roaring success.

The Passport Renewal Project will allow Dominicans in the Diaspora the opportunity to renew their passport with ease within the shortest possible time through the Consulate. Currently passports are only issued in Dominica. However, the Consulate can facilitate the process and have it done quicker and hassle free. This would mean that staff of the Consulate will be visiting specific locations to assist person with filling out the application forms correctly and ensuring that all supporting documents are attached. The Consulate will be responsible for sending the applications to Dominica and once received the new passport will be expressed to the individual. The website is extremely important in that regard as the dates and times when we will visit the different locations will be posted as well as the passport application form and guidelines.

Barbara Dailey (Mrs.)
Consul General,
Consulate of the Commonwealth of Dominica
800 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Email Address:
Tel: (212) 599-8478; Fax: (212) 661-0979/808-4975