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Formal launching of website - Nov. 2000
DAAS was formally launched in November 2000 with two (2) main pages, Discussion Papers and Members Directory. At that time total membership was barely 30. Today it is over 350 and rising. Webmaster, Raglan Riviere, attended to all details including cost and continues to do so.

Participation in IDP program preparation - 2001 to present
By invitation of the IDP Programme Director, DAAS provided advisory support in the preparation of the Plan, set up and maintains a guest site for information to the Diaspora. DAAS continues to provide guidance and support for the principles and urgency for a national plan.

National Opinion Poll on Socio-Economic Conditions in Dominica - 2001/2
The objective of this survey was to obtain a base value from which to measure changes in the socio-economic conditions of Dominica as the people themselves perceive them. This was, therefore, an opinion survey and not a quantitative measure of the Dominican Economy. View results.

Shipment of Equipment & Supplies for Friends of PMH - 2002 Ongoing
DAAS hosts a guest site for Friends of PMH, an NGO in Dominica engaged in soliciting assistance for the PMH and the Health Services. DAAS coordinates most of the shipment of equipment and supplies from overseas on behalf of Friends of PMH.

Linkage with Clemson U/Archbold Tropical Research & Education Consortium (ATREC) - 2002/Ongoing
DAAS collaborates with ATREC in research and educational initiatives such as phytomedicine, biology, distance learning etc. Dr Merle Shepherd, Director of ATREC is an honorary member of DAAS.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with State College (DSC) - 2003
A MOU between DAAS and DSC awaits final ratification. It attempts to formalize the relationship between the DAAS and the DSC as the country's premier educational institution.

Collaboration with CASH (Clean and Sober Humans Assoc. Inc)
Based in Pennsylvania, Executive Director, Panfilo DiCenzo, CASH is a non-profit organization dedicated to substance abuse prevention. DAAS is assisting in setting up a similar non-profit facility in Dominica, CASH CLUB, to facilitate their work with the Caribs and other groups with substance abuse problems and to assist in selected economic activities. Panfilo DiCenzo is an honorary member of DAAS.

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