Can Technology Help Remove Racial And Ethnic Boundaries and Conflict?

We rely on technology to do everything for us, from helping us bake a cake, to entertaining us in multiple ways. Some use technology to survive and have a job, others find that technology is their life, working on improving it or using it as a lifestyle. Regardless, it is integrated into the modern society and people with access to smartphones and computers, have internet access, meaning an endless source of information. How is it that we, as a species with access to a lot of information still have racial, ethnic and national conflicts and boundaries? Could we cross those boundaries or erase them with technology? We maybe could, and here is how.

Technology as a Source of Information

Remember using the internet to find out how to fix your car radiator, or replace it? What about opening that laptop to clean it? Yes, a lot of DIY people turn to the internet to help. Some consult doctors online, or just type in their symptoms to find a solution to what they consider is their problem. The internet has solutions and ideas about many problems which we deal with on a daily basis.

Learning about other cultures is an essential way of bridging gaps between nations, different ethnic groups and in the end, people. Learning is very crucial, because then they are not some foreign enemy with strange customs, but a group of people that do things their own way, a bit differently to that of our own, but are still people.

Finding Education – Courses and Therapy

For people to admit that they have a bit of disdain towards other people, not of their own country or ethnic group, is a first step in fixing the imaginary boundaries. Yes, they are imaginary, for they are formed when thinking that another human being is bad or evil just because they are doing something differently. Getting proper education, whether through online courses or by reading history books or social studies, is one way of fixing a problem which is racial and ethnic segregation.

Getting to Know Other Cultures in Person

The best way of getting to know another culture is by talking to their people. Online, you can meet new people and chat or talk with them. Once you get to know someone, talk with them on a regular basis, get to know their routines and way of thinking, you will most likely identify with some of their problems and situations, to the point where you will forget that they are of another ethnic, or rather, that you will accept them as they are. The internet can help us overcome many things, learn many things and get to know some wonderful people. Many people with poor social skills managed to get the necessary courage and drive to meet people through social media.

Technology can help us bridge a lot of gaps, including those between people, ethnic, racial and anything else that comes to mind.