How Media is Changing Our Society – The Media has Huge Influence Over Us

What is the first thing you are exposed to when you wake up, besides your room? Most of us turn on the TV or read or watch stuff on the internet. When in contact with such things, throughout most of the day, it is only logical that we are going to be influenced by them, in some way or another. We might not think that we are, or we may fight it, by even by fighting it, we are influenced by it. How much of that influence lies with mass media

Mass Media – The Source of the Trends?

When you look at all the trending things on YouTube or other websites, you will most likely see the things that will shape the coming months or even years. These things can make people rethink their current ways and maybe even change them to meet the trends. This can be a good thing, for example, when health, self help and fitness are a trend. People will turn to themselves, their bodies, which are often neglected due to the amount of time spent before a screen. These trends are not a bad thing at all.

There are, however, various other trends which might be a bit more questionable. Having media influence trends which might potentially end up being unhealthy for a lot of people is something to be constantly monitored.

A Tool to Be Used for Influence

There is no denying it, the media is used to influence the opinions of people. Advertisements are the basic kind of pointing people’s attention to something, a service or product that needs to be sold, not to mention political campaigns. That being said, the media is also being used to shape the thoughts of the people, especially from a political standpoint. Just think of all the animosity people have towards other countries, especially in the Middle East, or Russia, not to mention China. This primarily takes place in the western world. News in the mentioned countries and region most likely reflect much worse on the western world. The media has a huge influence on everyone, which can be both good and bad.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The overused quote from uncle Ben has never been more important. The media has a lot of responsibility, most of which is never owned up to. Its responsibility lies in the fact that the minds of a lot of people can be used and abused to reach various goals, some of which can be highly unethical or serve only a select few individuals. That is why honest news outlets are amazing and are often the ones that get shut down first.

The world of media can reshape our thoughts and change them into something which favors a select group of very rich people. The world of media can also change our lives for the better. Observe it carefully, but try not to be affected too much by it, as there is so much needless clutter and misinformation out there. Become like water, my friend.