Is the Golden Age of YouTube Over?

Everyone knows that the world’s most famous site for video sharing, at least in the western part of the world, is YouTube. People gather on the site and share video content every single day. With well over 400 hours of videos being uploaded every single minute, you can only imagine how much content YouTube has.

But what about people who use YouTube as a means to making a living? Getting paid by youtube is not as easy as betting on your favorite team or casino game with the help of the Sun Vegas promo code and winning – it can be quite frustrating, especially if you keep uploading quality content and don’t get anything in return. Can it be a primary source of income? Well, yes, people like PewDiePie have proven that you can live off YouTube, and he is one of the most successful YouTubers ever.

Some people are saying that the golden age of YouTube is over and that people are moving over to other platforms which are friendlier towards professionals and do not allow various things like copyright claims from absolutely random channels. Are the days of YouTube over? It’s complicated.

YouTube Has Problems – It’s a Fact

YouTube has had many problems which people are completely fed up with. The first of those problems is that anybody can copyright claim your video and stop your monetization for at least a couple of days until the issue gets resolved. That can really make people’s lives miserable, because every single day or hour, even, or view, where you can’t get monetization is money lost.

The YouTube Studio is something people have been complaining for a while, especially because it is obligatory as of recent. If you have a barely functioning editing tool which you are forced to use, people are not going to stand for it for too long. Google has plenty of developers and making their most-used platform optimized should be one of the top priorities.

Another thing people have gripe with is slow support response. It takes a lot of time for this fast-paced world to have a couple of simple issues resolved. 

Is This the End of YouTube?

With all of this being said, people think that YouTube is done, more people switching to sites like Patreon and Floatplane, to find new sources of income, while YouTube uploads are just there to keep the advertisement monetization rolling, as well as to keep the uploaders in the limelight.

But is will not be the end of YouTube. It is one of the biggest sites in the world, the biggest platform for video sharing. Google knows what they are doing and with enough feedback and complaints, most of all, YouTube will be changed, eventually, to fit the demands of the many. 

Competition is Good, Especially for YouTube

With more and more competitors arising and more people moving to other video sharing platforms and other platforms which allow them to make a living without that much hassle, YouTube is forced to make the right moves or get left in the dust. Just like with any other industry where more competitors is better, like the phone industry, where you have a wide choice of devices and flavors, and price ranges, so will new platforms be good for everyone.

The golden age of YouTube might be over, but with how the world of the internet changes rapidly, with a couple of software and policy changes, YouTube could win everyone back with as much ease as they have in the first place. Golden ages are more likely to come and go in the online world.