Switching to Veganism Could Affect the Environment

When we talk about our world, we often talk about the environment. Why is that? It is because of the things we do, the things that affect the entire world. One thing here, another there and the entire world is shaking. 2019 was the year where a lot of the world’s forests, extremely large forests, were on fire due to the intense heat. 2020 might see that trend continue. People argue that global warming is a myth but apparently, the fires prove otherwise, not to mention the lack of rain in some parts of the world.

Helping the environment, that can be done in multiple ways. Could you do it by switching to veganism? Yes, you could, and here is how.

Environmental Impact from Emissions

The biggest reason why going vegan would help the environment are emissions. Most often, people think that buying a better car or an electric car would stop emissions, or reduce them. Yes, this is partially true, but emissions are not gas emissions, but rather an overall waste of energy which is done on a daily basis, by not using sustainable energy or reusing products. The best example is turning grass into meat, or rather, taking all that energy necessary to feed animals and make them grow and mature, for them to be slaughtered and then turned into meat. That takes a lot of energy. Sustainable meat and dairy products are a possible alternative, which is being talked about by scientists.

Going Vegan Benefits the Environment in an Ethic Way

If you have ever seen animal farms, then you know that they are a very dark place to live, for any animal. Some would say, oh, that’s a chicken, who cares. Well, the chicken cares, for once. Thousands of them, in couped place, in their own feces and urine, it is not a sight which anybody should live to see, animal or human alike.

Even people who keep animals as their own, keep them in a barn, tied, never to see the light of day. Those animals are hardly going to be happy or even get to explore the basic parts of life, going outside, getting scared, finding joy in the simple things. Yes, some people walk their cattle and livestock, but those people are few and far in between and usually do it as a part of their culture, not from an ethical standpoint. Ethics help us move as a society, and in the right direction.

Less Deforestation – More Green

In order to expand pastures, forests are being cut down. This leads to the land becoming unstable, especially in already volatile regions. We are already cutting down trees, as it is, so cutting down more trees is not a viable option if we want to keep our planet habitable.

The world would be every bit better if we cut down on eating meat. Emissions could be lowered by going vegan, but so much more could be done through various little things like less waste and more sustainable energy.