The Countries You Could Easily Become a Citizen Of

When people talk about travel, they often want to go and visit different places. People also want to leave their own countries, some because they love travel and going to different places, others because they find that another country is much more to their liking than the one they were born in. There are plenty of countries in this world which make the process of immigration very, very difficult. Obtaining a citizenship in some countries is next to impossible, while other countries would accept you with open arms. Where in the world could you move and obtain a citizenship easily? Following are the countries which would accept you easier than others.


Located in Europe, Portugal is a lovely country with a pretty warm climate and access to many countries. Their passport is viable for 159 countries in the world. You could also work in 27 countries in the European Union. This is amazing, isn’t it? It is, and their citizenship is one of the easiest ones to obtain. You would need to get Portoguese residency and then spend five years in Portugal, working there. Then you could apply for a citizenship. To get a working visa, you need to have sufficient means of supporting yourself. That number varies, but is equal to around 50,000 euros, in total. The process of getting a Portoguese citizenship is easy, especially if you have the sufficient means of supporting yourself, which is a requirement for getting their work visa. For a passport of that level, getting their citizenship should be a priority for anybody wanting a different passport.


Businesses galore. Belgium is another lovely European country which will get you many places if you can get their citizenship. How does one do that? The easiest way is establishing a business which is tied to Belgium in some way. When you do that, you can acquire a citizenship easily. The first and easiest way is to start a company in Belgium and run it for some time, preferably, a longer period. Having employees would make your company a much better asset in your quest for a citizenship. You would then apply for their Professional Card, which is essentially a citizenship. Working for a Belgian company is another route you can take. You need to have residency in Belgium, either way. If it’s temporary or not, you do have to have it. Once you get a residency, you need to obtain it every 2 years. After 5 years, you can apply for a citizenship.


Malta is all about money. Yes, you can obtain a Maltese citizenship if you have lots of money. You would need to donate at least 650,000 euros to their government, money you would not get back, of course. The second requirement is that you invest in their businesses, at least 150,000 euros. The third requirement is that you purchase a residence worth at least 350,000 euros, or rent a place for 16,000 euros for five years, which amounts to 80,000 euros. These requirements are steep, but getting a citizenship after that is extremely easy, it takes less than 15 months. 

These three European countries will give you their citizenship the easiest. Some have steeper requirements than others, but realistically, they are the most welcoming of all.