The Future of Broadcast TV – Is it Changing Due to Internet Streaming

Our world tends to change and evolve, to meet new demands. But what does that mean, actually? Well, when television was first introduced, people didn’t have the money to purchase it, everything was beyond expensive and there was initially a single channel in almost every country that even had television. Fast forward a decade or two and people had TV sets in their homes, another decade and they were in color.

Today, in addition to online gaming and things like Multi lotto welcome bonus, the world is faced with another change, online streaming. It is different to broadcasting, in the sense that the data is compressed and sent online, then decompressed by your device and shown to you, while broadcast data is done through electromagnetic waves, or radio waves, to be specific. It is a completely different way of transmitting data. Will television survive the onslaught of online streaming? Let’s take a look, with examples from our culture.

The Radio Survived – Why Not TV?

In the 1980s, there were plenty of songs which dealt with the then predicted demise of the radio. If you go to any country, even the smallest towns have their own radios, not to mention cities which have over 50 radio stations. Cars, phones and even TVs get radio signals and the radio was thought to be dying in the 1980s. Today, people think that television will be going away, standard ways of broadcasting. They couldn’t be more wrong. Another example would be local bookmakers and casinos. Online gambling is now more popular than it ever was, right? Yet people still go to local bookmakers and casinos, and there are so many of them in all the countries which have legalized gambling. TV shouldn’t be going away anytime soon. But, will things change? Most likely, yes.

Streaming – Move Over, TV

Streaming has been popularized in the 2010s. People started streaming their video games and other content on sites like and YouTube. Then Netflix came, allowing people to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, without restrictions, for a monthly fee. Today, there are so many streaming services, that one simply cannot ignore all the possibilities to watch their favorite shows, from the old ones, to the brand new ones, on multiple platforms like Amazon, YouTube TV and many, many more. Will streaming replace regular TV? Still most likely not, but it means that there are more options.

Competition is Good

Have you ever heard the saying that competition is good? If you have, then you might know that it means when you have more than a single person or company, in this case, offering a service or product, it is more likely that prices are going to get better for the consumer, or end user, if you will. With that in mind, regular broadcast TV is going to get better prices, as well as streaming. Companies competing with one another over who will offer the best service for the best price, thus obtaining more customers and profit is good for everyone. Streaming will not end television, but it will make the market much better. 

The Future is Blurry

Whether or not we see more or less television or streaming will completely depend on things like who offers better deals to consumers, and how trends work. Another thing to note is that people do not have the same standards, within the same city, let alone the same country. Who gets a streaming deal compared to a regular TV deal will depend on so many factors.

Television isn’t going anywhere, but it will have some well-deserved competition in streaming.