Tourist Traps – The Most Likely Destinations to be a Trap

Traveling requires you to leave your comfort zone, to leave your room, town, city and country, even. That means going somewhere where you are most likely unfamiliar with the language and culture. Both of those can be really scary. Another great thing is that we can learn about the place we are visiting by using the internet. For people who have the time and energy to do such research, travel is a joy and not a problem. They are warned in advance about everything that might happen to them. For those who do not inform themselves on time, they might fall into tourist traps. A tourist trap is a place where people pay much more than necessary, which are often crowded Here are the most common countries and destinations which are known to be tourist traps.

The Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

Going to Egypt, one must see the pyramids, right? That is normal for a tourist, but the pyramids in Giza have so many visitors that you are unlikely to see them or take a photo without at least a thousand other people nearby. Prices here, are of course, extremely steep. Taking a different approach to the pyramids might be a better way of doing things, for example, looking for other pyramids to visit, since these ones will be overcrowded in every sense of the word.

The Forbidden City – China

In Beijing, lies the Forbidden City, what once used to be a house for the ruling powers of China, is now a tourist destination which has popular cafes inside, like a Starbucks. This is problematic, because everything inside is more expensive and being stuck due to the number of people is normal. You would have to be there well before the opening time in order to get through without being suffocated by people. You have been warned.

Times Square – The United States

Everyone who has ever seen a movie about New York knows about Times Square, the place with all the shiny billboards and advertisements, tall buildings and shops. Yes, it is quite the place to see, but you are likely to see a lot of people, rather than the very place you came to see. Purchasing stuff at Times Square is also expensive, so do not be tempted to visit the various shops that they have on site. Even food is more expensive than usual.

Stonehenge – England

This is one of those things that everyone must see if they are a fan of history, movies and cartoons. But, you are unlikely to see it without a telephoto lens, because tourists have been somewhat banned in recent times due to people overrunning the place on multiple occasions. This is a rather big deal for those who wanted to see Stonehenge in person.

Tower of London – England

Visiting London, one has to visit the Tower of London, an iconic castle, turned prison, turned museum. However, it being a prison, it still keeps people in, and out, and everywhere around it. Being that popular does bring you a lot of visitors, but with a lot of visitors comes a lot less space and steep prices.

If you’re traveling the world and want to visit these locations, think again, for they are some of the largest tourist traps, ever.