Positions and Responsibilities at the State College


Working with the Board of Governors to implement the College’s Re-Development Plans, the President will participate in all aspects of the College’s redevelopment strategy, including:


  1. Overseeing the transition from being managed by the Ministry of Education to complete self-management through the legislative authority and to develop programmes and services independent of the Ministry of Education and Government.
  2. Implementing key policy recommendations contained in the recently developed College Business Plan.
  3. Consolidation and amalgamation of the three existing colleges under one unified college structure and governance.
  4. Upgrading and expanding existing programmes and partnerships and developing new ones, according to the College Re-development Plans. 
  5. Making strategic choices and operational and financial decisions to cause programmes and services to become more effective, redistribute scarce resources and to create an entrepreneurial college environment.
  6. Seeking affiliation with regional and international agencies and institutions to ensure the college system delivers quality programmes and services; that graduates of the College meet industry standards; and they can proceed overseas for further training with the confidence that their education in The Dominica State College is equal in value to that of other countries.
  7. Seeking assistance from overseas institutions and governments for staff (on loan) and for professional and academic training for existing college staff.
  8. Seeking assistance to develop and expand the physical facilities to create a truly unique “college campus environment” characterized by high academic achievement, student residence, recreational facilities and modern equipment and other resources.


Since The Dominica State College is in a period of “Re-development and Transition”, the incumbent will be expected to lead his/her team to deliver on the Government’s recommendations for the College’s redevelopment while being responsible for its efficient and effective management. 


This bold initiative requires an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, strategic leadership and a mindset that considers the current economic climate of fiscal restraint as a catalyst for developing strategic partnerships and implementing revenue-generating initiatives.


The President is appointed by the Board of Governors and will report to its Chairman.




The successful candidate should have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Academic qualifications at the doctoral level in an acceptable discipline from an internationally recognized university.
  2. Demonstrated leadership in program development, organizational change, particularly in managing change in a fast paced environment working in a Third World country.
  3. An entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that can support an organizational structure based on active collaboration, teamwork and building partnerships.
  4. Demonstrated ability to lead during a period of transition, change and fiscal restraint.
  5. A record of successful relationships with business groups, organized labour, and community constituencies.
  6. The ability to work effectively with the Board of Governors, college faculty and staff.
  7. Successful, demonstrated administrative and leadership experience as a College President or Vice President or in a similar Senior Executive position in a public or private tertiary level institution, or a combination of such experiences would be an asset.
  8. Experience/understanding of the role of a college in national development of Third World Nations.
  9. A commitment to and understanding responsible Fiscal Management.
  10. Experience in private fund raising in a similar setting.
  11. A commitment to providing a quality education and life long learning opportunities for the residents of Dominica.


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The Bursar reports the President of the Dominica College.



Administers all fiscal, including accounting, purchasing, budgeting and business operations in accordance with sound business principles and practices and College policies and procedures; administers operations of campus auxiliary services, including the College Book Store and contract training for industry and other clients, in collaboration with the Faculty of Continuing and Adult Education; and administers institutional personnel policies and practices for College staff and faculty in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources.


Required Qualification

This position requires a Masters Degree in Finance or related field. A minimum of five years Financial and Accounting related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience particularly in financial management settings.  The position also requires skills in the ability to find solutions to a broad range of administrative and managerial issues resulting from the amalgamation and expansion of the College; in developing and reaching re-development goals, formulating policies and programs, and the ability to obtain favorable results often under difficult or adverse circumstances, especially as the College undergoes its transformation.  Two years documented experience in a collective bargaining environment would be an asset.


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The Dean’s primary mission is to provide vision and leadership to the College and to foster an academic community pursuing excellence in learning, discovery, creative endeavor and engagement.  As the chief academic officer of the College, the Dean will report directly to the College President.


The Dominica State College is composed of four academic Faculties with four new departments to be established by the academic year 2003.  The Faculties are:

  1. Arts and Sciences,
  2. Applied Arts and Technology,
  3. Education and
  4. Health Sciences.

  Proposed Departments are:

  1. Continuing and Adult Education,
  2. Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
  3. Information Technology and
  4. Hospitality and Business Administration.



  • Development of a wide array of academic offerings and community outreach initiatives.
  • Leadership for undergraduate college instruction and curriculum development and evaluation.
  • Develop and implement the educational policies and standards and participate in strategic planning. 
  • Advice on student recruitment and retention strategies and course scheduling. 
  • Advice on faculty and teaching, loads, assignments and resources to implement College’s curriculum. 
  • Design and implement faculty orientation and professional development strategies.
  • Represent the College in issues related to provision of the Associate and advanced degrees.
  • Supervise and coordinate the administration of studies for the instructional and academic programs at the College.
  • Ongoing communication with the local College body and regional and international agencies and associations on developments in community college and undergraduate studies.
  • Monitor compliance with accreditation and licensing requirements.


The encumbent should have

  • A distinguished record of accomplishments, innovation and effective leadership.
  • A clear and demonstrated commitment to excellence in community college education, research and engagement consistent with the College’s mission.
  • Teaching excellence and such experience must include the K-12 education system as well as the community college.
  • Sound judgment and the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics.
  • Success in interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • A demonstrated commitment to promoting the College with alumni and others, and through sponsored programs and private donations.
  • Doctoral degree in one of the academic fields offered at the College and leadership in a related academic field.
  • Leadership in curriculum development.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and evidence of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Well-developed skills in organizational dynamics and program development and evaluation. 
  • Experience in community college education, recruiting and mentoring faculty.


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Reporting to the Dean of Instruction, the Director of Learning Resources will be responsible for developing and providing all learning support services and programs for the College.



Provides leadership and direction to the College in developing its Library Services (including electronic data bases or other retrieval systems). Distance Learning and Instructional Technology, including Internet course development.


Required Qualification

A minimum requirement of a Master’s Degree in Library Science with experience or training in learning technologies.  Two years college administration experience or in related student services field would be an asset.


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Reporting to the President, the HR Director is the chief human resources officer, responsible for establishment and administration of the Human Resources Management unit, including collective bargaining, salary administration, employee and labor relations, benefits administration, employee and organizational development, and employee assistance. 



The Director also coordinates and provides support for search committee activities and faculty and staff recruiting processes; classifies new and existing positions under the College’s Re-Development plans; prepares pay advices, salary calculations, and other employment components; provides support in the administration of benefits; coordinates the Social Security program; manages leave system; coordinates, schedules, and provides training/orientation to new employees, workshops and seminars on employment related issues; schedules employees for technical job related skills training to improve individual work performance; develops and maintains a Human Resource Information System of employees for reporting purposes; plans and compiles reports and performs related duties as assigned. 


Required Qualifications

Master’s degree required along with one to two years experience in Human Resource Management, particularly working in Third World countries.  The position requires skills in finding solutions to a broad range of administrative and managerial issues resulting from the amalgamation and expansion of the College, in developing and reaching re-development goals, formulating policies and programs, and the ability to obtain favorable results often under difficult or adverse circumstances, especially as the College undergoes its transformation. 


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The Registrar reports to the College President and implements policies and procedures relevant to admission, registration and records of students.  Leads the College’s central operation of collecting and processing academic information and has the responsibility for implementing academic policies and practices. 



The Registrar assists in developing the College’s student registration and records processes; collaborates with the College’s Information Technology Department and the Director of Learning Resources to design and implement technological changes to support a developing student information systems and automated classroom scheduling processes.  Additional duties and responsibilities include planning, developing, and implementing registration and records processes; providing leadership for the design and implementation of student information system; participate in the training for staff, faculty, and students on new registration and records system and related policies; coordinating the use of physical space with campus and College committees; and supervising registration and records staff.

The incumbent also coordinates student registration, records student grades, produces academic transcripts, certifies student enrollment status, prepares final exam schedules, matches classroom space with faculty course needs, publishes course schedules, coordinates lists of graduating candidates, and generates the academic information required to support other administrative decisions. 

The Registrar makes decisions on resident status and evaluates transcripts from colleges, universities, and other eligible institutions for authenticity and transferability; communicates to perspective students, parents and departments the transferability requirements and admission policies and procedures; prepares articulation guides for colleges and universities; creates and updates office manual; and prepares and presents workshops for Deans and advisors regarding admissions policies.


Required Qualification

Masters degree required, doctoral degree preferred; five years experience in a college or university working with academic information.  The ideal candidate will have demonstrated success in providing collaborative leadership with faculty, students, and staff to implement policy with judgment and flexibility.  A working knowledge of registration or student records, graduation procedures, registration systems, admissions, customer services, and systems analysis are essential.  Familiarity with student information system, and supervisory, budget, research and data analysis experience are most desirable.


The Registrar must possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively in writing and in person with a variety of constituencies.  Organizational and planning skills are essential, as are supervisory skills, and an ability to make decisions independently.  The Registrar must have a working knowledge of the college credit system, be goal-oriented and a proponent of the Re-development initiatives of the College.


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Reports to the Registrar and coordinates all aspects of student services consistent with the College’s mission statement and continuous quality initiatives.



Provides leadership and direction for the College in developing its institutional, educational support and student development programs for the student body in general, and students in need or “at-risk” in particular.  Coordinates with the other departments to promote a student-centered College environment, including the establishment of an effective Student Government, counseling and advising services, financial aid, student life and athletics and other student support services.  Coordinates the College’s Academic Support and Summer Developmental Programmes and other college-wide services that promote student success; facilitates and maintains partnerships to improve and integrate services for students; maximizes the use of information technology in delivering programs and services and assists with developing student-related policies and procedures.


Required Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university; experience working with student organizations; knowledge of integrated student information systems; a minimum of two years of higher education, administration/experience in student affairs or related areas; excellent managerial, interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills are great assets.


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Under the direction of the Dean of Instruction, the Chair is responsible for the effective management of all existing programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences.  The Chair is expected to bring a national perspective on nursing issues, trends, and politics and will also plan, organize, administer, develop and evaluate the College’s re-development plans as they relate to the Faculty’s needs. 



Provides leadership, and management in overseeing the Health Science Programs; enrollment and marketing; review and development of curriculum, instructional techniques and strategies; develop the annual and long-term academic schedules, student outcome assessment and program review; participate in hiring, training supervising and evaluating of faculty and staff; resolution of grievances and conflicts; recruitment and retention activities; representing the Faculty of Health Sciences within the College and community; resource development; planning, development and budget management.


Required Qualification

The ideal candidate will hold a Ph.D. or Ed. D., and a Masters Degree in Nursing or a combination of undergraduate preparation in a health-related field with work experience in a health care setting, prior college level teaching experience, a working knowledge of program accreditation standards, and excellent communication skills.  The Chair must hold a current RN license to practice in Dominica or be eligible for Dominica licensure.


Curriculum development and administrative experience, and ability to develop and implement alternate instructional delivery methods preferred.  However a mix of teaching and administrative experience in working in degree programs at both the Associate and Bachelor's level in Nursing will be considered.  Skills in strategic planning and assessment, working knowledge of both regional and other professional accreditation systems, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to set priorities and promote cooperation are highly desired, as is experience in fiscal management, grant writing, and external relations.  At least three years of college experience at a senior administrative level and some documented experience in a collective bargaining environment is highly desirable. 


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The individual will lead a new and innovative Faculty of Education and serves as the academic and administrative facilitator. 



Duties include developing and managing In-service and Pre-service teacher preparation at the Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and alternative routes to Dominica or Caribbean teacher certification and other qualifications in the following areas: learning and behavior disorders, communication disorders, interdisciplinary early childhood, special education, elementary and secondary education and educational administration.  Responsible for scheduling courses, recruiting part-time faculty, collaborating closely with other Faculties and departments on campus, and ensuring that the Faculty’s programs are fully accredited by the relevant Caribbean bodies and international agencies; spearheading efforts to obtain government/private foundation grants and industry/private donations and scholarships; assisting in the recruitment of students for programs within the Faculty; and working cooperatively with students and other College offices. 


One of the most important challenges of this position will be to provide a modularized in-service training to ensure that all untrained teachers within Dominica’s primary and secondary education streams are fully trained and certified by 2005.


Required qualifications

The ideal candidate should have an earned doctorate in the field of Education and successful full-time teaching experience at K-12 and college or university levels and a demonstrated record of academic experiences and accomplishments.  However, a lesser degree with a combination of other academic credentials and administrative experience may be substituted for the terminal degree where appropriate.  Candidates for this position should possess relevant teaching, research, and leadership skills; established excellence in interpersonal and communication skills, working cooperatively with others and a strong ability to articulate the mission of the College and the Faculty.  Curriculum development experience, and ability to guide the development and implementation of alternate instructional programs at both the Associate and Bachelor's levels are essential. 


Experience with strategic planning and assessment, personnel management, budgets, faculty recruitment, developing, implementing and evaluating academic programs; developing academic schedules; developing and monitoring the budget are important.  At least three years of college experience at the administrative level and some documented experience in a collective bargaining environment is highly desirable.


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