Las Vegas – From a City to the Most Popular City in a Century

Some cities of our world have been always popular, like New York and London, for example, not to mention Paris or even Moscow. Yes, some of these cities have always been popular and that is due to their rich history or cultural heritage. Well, there are also cities which became rapidly popular due to their quick development and offering something which tourists want to see. For example, those wanting to see technology in action will go to the San Francisco Bay area to see Silicon Valley. Others, those who want to gamble, will go to Las Vegas. Of course, people who do not like travelling can now just enjoy gambling online with the Sportingbet bonus. But speaking of Vegas – how has such a city earned its reputation and became one of the most popular destinations in the world? Here is more on that topic.

Las Vegas – Early History

Native Americans were the first settlers in the area, starting 2000 years ago. The first non Native American person to visit was a Mexican named Rafael Rivera, a scout. Another person followed the same year, a trader named Antonio Armijo, who named the area Las Vegas, which translates to the meadows, literally. John C. Freemont was the first person to start the craze of pioneers and settlers in 1844, when he wrote about the area. There were attempts to colonize the area, but the true colonization started in 1905, when the city was founded. It took 6 years for it to actually become a city and be considered as such.

Las Vegas – Rise to Fame

Las Vegas was a trade stop and was a city which dealt with trade. It took almost 20 years for Las Vegas to start what everyone considers it to be famous for, gambling. Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 and allowed residency requirements for divorce to be six weeks. That meant a lot to new settlers, who came from all over the world, not just the United States. The construction of Hoover Dam helped Las Vegas a lot. Constructors and their families moved there, helping Las Vegas through the times of the Great Depression. After World War II, the city was already known as a gambling paradise.

Las Vegas – Building Reputation

Following World War II, owners of companies and properties turned their attention to hotels and casinos. 1955 saw the opening of the Moulin Rouge, the first hotel and casino to be racially integrated. The 1960s were years of business, especially in the world of gambling. It was often referred to as gaming, giving it less severe associative properties. From the 60s and onwards, it was already the city of gambling.

Las Vegas took less than a century to become what it is today, the city of gambling, where one goes to experience things, which, as well all know, stay in Vegas.